Excellence in Security 

SECNAV provides a broad range of security services for individuals and businesses. Contact us at 0208 326 6716 or send a message to contact@secnav.co.uk to discuss your requirements in detail with a member of our team.
Nightclub Security »

Nightclub Security SECNAV has a fully licenced leisure establishment security team. Nightlife often harbours potential for trouble, we are here to ensure that your guests and premises remain safe. Our security team consists of fully qualified and experienced security guards, trained to prevent and respond rapidly to illegal, harmful and anti-social behaviour. We also understand the importance of your public image, our guards adhere to a professional dress code. Our door guards are here to meet all of your requirements, please inform us of any special requests so that we may tailor our package to your requirements.

Mobile Patrol »

Mobile Patrol We understand anxieties and fears you may have when you leave your home and livelihood vacant.Our mobile patrols provide security for vacant properties and premises with lone workers. Their aim is to secure your home and business from theft and vandalism, they also provide protection for lone workers. Mobile patrols will provide effective security at times when your property is most vulnerable. For example, while you are away travelling, or during evenings and weekends. You can feel safe with the knowledge that our patrols are guarding your property. All SECNAV patrol staff are highly skilled and fully equipped to deal with routine surveillance. They will take immediate emergency action should a security threat occur. In line with local police advice, high visibility guards can be an effective tool for deterring thieves and vandals from robbing or damaging your home or livelihood. SECNAV patrols are tailored to your requirements and can also include Security Dog Detail or Close Protection.

Security Concierge Services »

Security Concierge Services A front of house presence is important for any business and SECNAV understands the need for security to be a part of this. Our Security Concierge Service includes hotel lobby, commercial building reception, car park management, secure mail and parcel administration, to name but a few. As with all security risks, the presence of protection can sometimes be enough to deter crime and provide a relaxed environment for your needs but the SECNAV team will always be ready to take action when required. All our team are professional, approachable and ready to receive your visitors whilst being observant and proactive of the necessary threats to you, your family or your business.

Event Security »

Events Security Security at any event is of paramount importance whether it’s large scale or small. The SECNAV team will take all necessary steps to reduce or remove threats, so your guests or clients can concentrate on enjoying the event. Should the event require Security Dog Detail or Medical Staff, we have a team in place to provide this additional cover. In the wake of the Paris atrocities we understand the need for interactive support between security, emergency services and local authorities so we stay up to date with all relevant security advice.

Property Protection »

Property Protection All vacant properties, whether commercial or residential, can become targets for vandals and squatters. At SECNAV, we understand the need to protect your property, safeguard your investment, and ensure any plans you have for the building can continue without delay. Our Property Protection team supply a 24-hour  manned guard, mobile patrol solutions or evening and weekend packages to suit your needs. The SECNAV team are responsive, professional and experienced in all types of situations to give you security and peace of mind.

Key Holding & Alarm Response »

Key Holding & Alarm response SECNAV’s key holding and alarm response will give you peace of mind whilst you are away from your home or business. Our security team provide cover 24 hours, 365 days a year to ensure your home or business premises are protected. A fast response to an activated alarm, whether false or not, will ensure your peace of mind. The SECNAV team are experienced and professional, ready to take action in any situation and will relay information to emergency services if necessary.

Close Protection »

Close Protection In this uncertain world, all of us fear for the safety of our loved ones. When their well-being and lives are threatened, the emotional pain & dread can be life-changing. It is important to remove all possible threats to personal security at all costs. The SECNAV Close Protection team will provide you, your loved ones and clients with comprehensive personal security. Our team of skilled professionals will be equipped with the latest training and technology to help safeguard those you value the most. Our team is trained to respond immediately to any threat or aggressive personal attack. They can be as discreet or noticeable as you desire.

Retail Security »

Retail Security SECNAV’s Retail Security team cover a multitude of businesses from high street clothing stores to prestigious jewellery houses. We understand the necessity to provide a visible presence, but with a personable attitude, to achieve both good customer service and effective crime deterrence. The Retail Security team will protect your staff from attack and prevent theft. Security retail staff are the first point of contact your clients have with the business, therefore, all our guards will be professional, presentable and polite. Furthermore, SECNAV’s experienced security workers use up to date information of crime trends to enhance the protection of your business.

Security Dog Detail »

Animals-Dog-icon To enhance your security detail further, the SECNAV team offer guard dog support to give you peace of mind. Dogs have historically protected their owners and guarded property from humanity’s earliest years. We firmly agree that this measure provides additional protection to those concerned. Dog detail can be tailored to your requirements, it can be particularly useful when there are large spaces or residential areas to safeguard. All our dogs and their handlers are highly skilled in a variety of situations and ready to take the appropriate action. SECNAV respect the work of the canine team, in line with current animal welfare legislation, we treat all our four-legged colleagues with appropriate care and compassion.